Minnesota Cannabis Legalization Bill Leaves Majority of Patients Out in The Cold

MINNESOTA: Minnesota, which has just passed its first medical cannabis legalization legislation into law, is already facing pushback from patients and patients’ rights groups for the highly restrictive regulatory mandate.

“Minnesota’s medical marijuana law is very disturbing from a patients’ rights perspective,” said Kris Hermes, spokesperson for Americans For Safe Access, a national patients’ rights group. “It excludes significant numbers of patients or even criminalizes many of them.”

The new law allows for a narrow range of medicinal use, and authorizes only manufactured cannabis oils and pills manufactured in-state by only two (yet to be licensed or constructed) manufacturing plants. The end products will only be available from a mere 8 dispensaries state wide.

Many activists and advocates are concerned that such a restrictive bill will have a huge and negative impact on patients who often turn to medical cannabis as a medicine of last resort for a long list of chronic ailments.

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