Medical marijuana mom leaving Wisconsin for Colorado

WISCONSIN: Victoria LaChapell was once in so much pain that she couldn’t pick up her children. With the help of marijuana, she says, she’s now able to be an active mother and hold down a job.

“It’s given me my life back,” she told a state Senate committee at a June 12 public hearing.

LaChapell says she suffers from arthritis, autoimmune disorders and fibromyalgia, the result of a bout of lyme’s disease that went untreated. She was speaking against a Republican proposal that would give local and county governments the authority to prosecute marijuana possession cases that prosecutors decide are not worth the time and effort to pursue.

The bill has passed through both Assembly and Senate committees and awaits scheduling for floor votes.

“Droves of Wisconsinites are leaving this state because it’s going backwards, and I may have no choice but to follow them to protect my freedom, and my right to health, and my children’s right to have a mother that can function,” she told the lawmakers last month.

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