Medical Marijuana Dispensary Plan In The South Bronx Stirs Anxiety And Hope

NEW YORK:  The Hunts Point neighborhood in the South Bronx has struggled to clean up its act for years. Prostitution is still a problem, but it is far less prevalent, residents say, than it once was.

A couple of years ago, community leaders and residents helped derail the opening of a strip club. The neighborhood was once home to several strip clubs and now it has none.

So, now, news that the building that was going to house the club will instead open as another kind of business is stirring anxiety in the neighborhood. That is because the building is slated to be the site of one of New York City’s first medical marijuana dispensaries.

On Friday, New York State named the five companies that will be allowed to grow and sell marijuana for medical use in the state, including in New York City. One of the companies chosen plans to set up a retail site in Hunts Point.

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