Marijuana Farmers Markets Budding Trend On West Coast

WASHINGTON:  With farmers markets all the rage these days, especially in the summer, a new kind of farmers market is budding on the West Coast — medical marijuana farmers markets.

Marijuana use prescribed by a doctor is legal in 23 states, and farmers markets featuring locally grown cannabis and other marijuana products have begun to pop up in Washington, California, Oregon and Arizona.

These markets are strictly medicinal; patrons need to show a doctor’s recommendation or medical marijuana identification card to get in, depending on the state. Market vendors set up booths to advertise and sell their cannabis, pot-infused edible products, topical creams and all sorts of ganja goodies.

Michael Keysor founded the Northwest Cannabis Market in Seattle in 2011. Keysor, the market’s CEO, started with a smaller market and eventually expanded to two locations. Now he oversees 26 market employees and nearly 400 vendors. His markets are open seven days a week.


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