Marijuana Backers Seek Reforms In Ohio

OHIO:  Rob Ryan isn’t shy about the medicine he said has helped him tremendously — even though it’s illegal.

After a cancer diagnosis about 10 years ago, Mr. Ryan, now 60, began a regimen of the usual suspects. Chemotherapy and pills led to pain and weight loss. Then he added marijuana to the mix. He said the improvements were undeniable.

Today, Mr. Ryan of Cincinnati is among the state’‍‍s most public advocates for legalizing marijuana, medical and otherwise. Last fall, he was elected president of Ohio NORML, the state chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.

As laws shift nationwide, many wonder if Ohio will become the next state to “go green.” According to a February Quinnipiac poll, 87 percent of Ohioans support doctor-prescribed medical marijuana, while 51 percent also support legalizing recreational use.

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