Marijuana: 250 Protest N.J. Laws, And Some Light Up

NEW JERSEY:  Medical cannabis patients united with legalization advocates for a rally in Trenton today, culminating with about 75 participants lighting up joints across the street from the Statehouse in protest of Gov. Chris Christie’s position on marijuana issues.

The peaceful demonstration drew more than 250 people, none of whom was arrested for what one of the organizers described as a “very bold act of civil disobedience.” The rally took place outside the capital and was observed by a handful of State troopers, but the smoking took place across the street on city property at the World War II Memorial. Trenton Police were not present.

Ken Wolski, executive director of the Coalition for Medical Marijuana of New Jersey, said he saw the demonstration as a necessary step after failing to make headway using traditional means of reform. There are several bills pending in the legislature, “but they are going nowhere” because lawmakers know the governor will veto them, he said. The coalition was involved in bringing a lawsuit against the state for failing to operate the program as the law intended, but that was dismissed.

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