Legal Pot Backers In Ohio Trickle Out Details Of 2015 Vision

OHIO:  The marijuana legalization movement has arrived in Ohio with high-flying ambitions: making it the first state to move from a complete ban to complete legalization with a single vote.

ResponsibleOhio is one of two competing legalization campaigns pushing forward in the state. It released further elements of its plan this week, while again stopping short of unveiling the legal technicalities of a ballot measure planned for November. Other states where marijuana is now fully legal generally began by legalizing medical marijuana use first.

Campaign representative Chris Stock said the Ohio amendment will make marijuana legal for both medical and personal use for those over 21 years old, and set up checks and balances not unlike those that currently exist for alcoholic beverages.

Marijuana in Ohio will be safe, controlled, tested and clearly labeled for medical and personal use,” Stock said in a statement. “Our plan will also create opportunities for Ohioans to own and operate retail stores and manufacturing facilities, which will create thousands of new jobs in an emerging market.”

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