Lawmakers A No-Show To Medical Marijuana Tour

MICHIGAN:  State lawmakers are considering changes to Michigan’s Medical Marijuana Act. The measures would not legalize marijuana, but would help caregivers take care of their patients. One man from West Michigan invited all 38 senators to his house to educate them on the positives that come with medical marijuana, and what it takes to make the grow operation work.

Dave Overholt held up a jar today filled with a green oil. He says thats the answer to all chronic pain patients problems. Overholt is the owner of Dave’ Alfalfa Farm Services.

“It’s 60 something years of people telling you it’s bad for you, and that it has nothing to help you, and no municipal values,” he said.

The bills that will go to the senate this month would allow medical marijuana dispensaries to set up shop in municipalities that would allow them with restrictions. The other bill would allow medical pot patients to use edibles.


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