How Cannabis-Based Drugmaker GW Finally Cracked America

GREAT BRITAIN:  When a pair of British doctors set out to make medicines from the cannabis plant 16 years ago, they knew it would take some time to crack the world’s biggest pharmaceuticals market.

But Geoffrey Guy and Britain Whittle could hardly have predicted that when their company, GW Pharmaceuticals, finally did break into the US, it would come amid such fanfare.
The fortunes of GW have taken a dramatic turn in the last year after US authorities turned to them for a neat solution to a political conundrum. It has now landed a starring role in one of America’s most high profile issues: using cannabis derivatives to treat children with life-threatening epilepsy.
In November, GW was granted permission to supply its experimental epilepsy drug Epidiolex, never before tested on humans, to a handful of specialist paediatricians in the US to use on their patients.


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