High School Seniors Get Medical Marijuana More Often From Drug Dealers Than Dispensaries

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA:  States allowing prescribers to recommend medical marijuana typically require patients to register for a state-authorized medical marijuana identification card before being able to possess the drug for treatment. Many teenage users comply, but there’s still a small percentage of them that go to the black market to get their medication.

Published in the Journal of Adolescent Health, a new report revealed that teenagers using cannabis for medical purposes are 10 times more likely to say they’re “hooked” on the drug than youth who obtain marijuana illegally. The study’s authors could not define what the teens meant by hooked because they collected data from the Monitoring the Future study, which is an ongoing study conducted at University of Michigan’s Institute for Social Research.

Researchers studied the legal or illegal medical marijuana use as it relates to other drug use in a nationally representative sample of 4,394 high school seniors. The study’s authors categorized the students into three types of marijuana users: medical users; those who used another’s medical marijuana; and those who acquired marijuana from nonmedical sources.

The study’s findings also concluded that students who use someone else’s medical marijuana are at higher risk for engaging in risky behavior, including using the drug more frequently to get higher and abusing alcohol and prescription pills.

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