Hanford Weighs Ban On Medical Marijuana Cultivation

CALIFORNIA:  The Hanford City Council took the first steps Tuesday toward possibly banning the cultivation of marijuana in the city limits.

Capt. Parker Sever said local law enforcement is aware of several Hanford residences with more than 100 marijuana plants on site. Sever said the locations have been the source of numerous complaints by neighbors, as well as reports of theft and burglary.

“It’s obviously an attractive nuisance to the youth of Hanford when they find out where these locations are and they know all they’ve got to do is jump a fence to get to them,” Sever said. “And then you have homeowners who are trying to protect their crop.”

Sever said the Hanford Police Department has been working on two possible ordinances to address the issue. One would enact an outright ban on the cultivation of marijuana in the city limits. The other ordinance would allow the plants to be grown in the city’s industrial zones as long as the operation complied with various safety requirements.


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