Governor Supporting New Bill To Legalize Medical Marijuana

GEORGIA:  Channel 2 Action News has learned Gov. Nathan Deal is supporting state Rep. Allen Peake‘s plan to decriminalize medical marijuana in Georgia.
Channel 2 political reporter Lori Geary talked exclusively with the governor Friday about the new bill that would mean big relief to families with children who suffer from seizure disorders. 
Deal told Geary he supports Peake’s efforts to offer immunity from prosecution for the families in those states who want to return home to Georgia with the medicine.
At least 17 Georgia parents who have kids with severe seizure disorders are in Colorado giving their kids cannabis oil, which doesn’t get you high.

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  1. jonathan says

    do you guys need some better stock photos of cannabis? photos that show healthy plants. as a participant in the cannabis community for over 2 decades. i find it offensive that an image worthy of what cannabis should not look like. is the photo you chose to use.

  2. someone says

    He’s a disgrace to the human race ,needs to be replaced Karma has his address. He’s not a doctor plus who is he to decide what treatment is best for residents in Georgia.


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