Florida: Medical Marijuana Legalization To Be Limited To Only Five Pot Dispensaries Chosen In Lottery

FLORIDA:  Florida’s medical marijuana legalization is expected to go through in November assuming a very popular amendment is passed by the state’s population, but already one obstacle being raised is the limitation of only five medical marijuana dispensaries. To top it off, these businesses will be chosen at random, not based upon capability to serve the public.

In a related report by The Inquisitr, activists who claim Florida’s marijuana legalization effort is dangerous are claiming the legal weed amendment will become a “pot express” which transforms into recreational marijuana in practice.

But those warnings seem highly unlikely considering that the Florida Department of Health’s Office of Compassionate Use will be limiting plant nurseries to growing a specific strain of cannabis limited to helping alleviate life-threatening seizures in children with severe epilepsy. Marijuana dispensary applicants are also limited to nurseries that have been in business for over 30 years and currently grow over 400,000 plants not related to marijuana. Only 55 nurseries meet this criteria and even then the big winners will be determined by a lottery, not by which existing businesses are best suited to become one of the five medical dispensaries in Florida.



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