Florida Medical Association Opposes Medical Marijuana

Organized pot tours can be both thrilling and boring; How to make the most of your legal marijuana excursion.


The Florida Medical Association, a statewide lobbying group for doctors, has announced that it “strongly” opposes the medical marijuana referendum going to voters in November.

In a statement released Monday, the group said it unanimously voted to oppose the measure at its annual conference in July. The resolution of opposition said marijuana should be “subject to the same standards” as other prescription drugs and be brought to market through the Food and Drug Administration’s process of testing and trials, not a political vote.

The group also rejected smoking as a way of taking a medication because it posed its own health hazards.

The FMA also said vague language in the ballot amendment “would allow healthcare providers with absolutely no training in the ordering of controlled substances, to order medical marijuana.”


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  1. theskeptic2 says

    The FDA…isn’t that the collection of clowns who approved the ‘script meds so many have died using?

    Check this out…it nails what we are seeing today:

    “And the big drug moneymachine… sells Oxy and Morphine

    Federal laws still protect… drugs with deadly side effects

    Percoset… Thorazine… Opiates… Amphetamine

    Let the government take a bow… Who’s the pusher now!

    War on drugs… a political joke… lockin’ us up for smoking dope

    No reason for doing time… with a punishment …when there aint no crime”

    Above lyrics are from “Who’s the Pusher Now?” by Ellen Bukstel
    Here’s the link…great song, terrific music:


    • Michelle says

      @ theskeptic2 I agree. They sell oxys, roxys, morphine all that get you hooked and then when it’s time to stop you can’t cause your so,addicted to them. I’ve smoked weed since 12 and I’ve never ever had withdrawals from it. It helps me with my nausea, helps calm my nerves, helps me sleep. Etc. there is nothing wrong with maryjane. But, like you said we get locked up for it. Just doesn’t make no sence to me. Puff, puff, pass

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