Dayton Won’t Rule Out Medical Marijuana Changes

The state is appealing a judge's ruling that blocked parts of Montana's medical marijuana law.

MINNESOTA:  It’ll be six months before Minnesota’s medical marijuana program goes live, but Gov. Mark Dayton says he’s willing to consider pleas to expand the list of qualifying health conditions.

In an interview Monday with The Associated Press, Dayton says he would listen to the advice of his Department of Health and medical experts about potential changes in the session that starts in January. But Dayton says he’s firm about restricting the forms of the drug.

That means he won’t budge on prohibitions that keep cannabis leaf from the program. Two manufacturers have been selected to provide marijuana in pill, oil and vapor form. Patients must suffer from a certified illness, such as cancer, glaucoma or seizures.

Some medical marijuana advocates argue intractable pain should be on the list.

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