Canadian Commonsense Vs. American Reefer Madness

CANADA:  Canada has seen the light. In the game of who can move past marijuana propaganda the fastest, Canada just drew a “move 5 spaces card”, while the U.S. keeps picking “lose a turn”.

Last week, the Canadian Supreme Court ruled that access to cannabis-infused products, including cookies and brownies, are a patient’s right. They further declared that these products are a necessary and less harmful alternative to smoking for many patients, especially children. The court stated that, “Inhaling marihuana can present health risks and is less effective for some conditions than administration of cannabis derivative.”

The message is simple: cannabis can be taken in many forms, different forms may work best for different people, and patients and their doctors should be the ones to make those decisions. It does not take a rocket scientist, or a cannabis scientist for that matter, to understand the need for medications to come in a variety of formulations. A quick glance at the pharmacy section of Walgreens reveals liquid, tablet, caplet, and chewable (sometimes food-based) forms for almost any over-the-counter medication, including sweetened, candy-like preparations for children so that they will be more amenable to consuming them. Nobody is questioning why vitamins have to be sold in the shape of Flinstones characters.


Read full article @ Drug Policy Alliance


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    Canada is maintaining the Drug War at all costs. Supreme Court ruling strikes directly at the LAW rather than the draconian “regulations”. Government will not comply with the highest court in the land. Ruins the corruption game.

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