Businesses Poised For Legalized Medical Marijuana Are Undeterred By Failure Of Florida Referendum

FLORIDA:  The scene was similar to a gold-rush bonanza: Cottage industries were springing up, ready to provide supplies. Seminars were taking place on how to make money off the new crop, and lots of high-falutin’ financial figures were being thrown around.

Then the bonanza became fool’s gold when Florida voters fell short Nov. 4 of passing constitutional Amendment 2, a measure to legalize medicinal marijuana.

That disappointed plenty of entrepreneurs hoping to cash in on the would-be bumper crop of pot.

Even after the measure’s defeat, people hoping to take part in the medicinal marijuana industry in Florida are not selling the farm just yet. In fact, many who were ready to take up the new industry look at the referendum’s defeat as giving them more time to refine their business models and diversify the trade.

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