And the Award for Most Reformed State During the 2013 Legislative Session Goes to…

Gov Cuomo

With summer in full-swing, and with months of political bickering already behind us, the 2013 legislative session has adjourned for many states, with most of the remaining few finishing their final days. During this session, cannabis reform has been a popular and much-discussed topic in numerous states.

As a result, Colorado now has a regulation and taxation system in place for their newly-legal recreational cannabis industry,

legislatures in Illinois and New Hampshire have approved measures legalizing medical cannabis, Vermont lawmakers voted to decriminalize small amounts of cannabis (which is already in effect), Nevada voted to legalize medical cannabis dispensaries, etc., etc..

With all of the movement made so far this year, one state stands out as having made the most progress in regards to their cannabis policies – the year obviously isn’t over, but we don’t see the outcome changing.

The state? Oregon.

Oregon’s Legislature – and governor – has taken multiple steps to drastically alter the state’s cannabis laws for the better, and activists continue to push for further reform.

Once each of the approved-proposals takes effect, these changes will be made to Oregon’s cannabis laws:


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