9 Florida Physicians Legally Allowed To Order Marijuana Oil

FLORIDA:  Under the Charlotte’s Web law, 9 doctors in the state of Florida have legally been given the go ahead to start ordering a cannabis oil that is processed from a low-THC strain of marijuana. The Floridian law also mandates that each doctor complete an 8-hour continuing education course (CME), and pass an examination.

Louis Rotundo, who lobbies for the Florida Medical Cannabis Association (FMCA), believes that, “This is probably one of the better kept secrets – that this course is ready.” The course has been available for approximately 2 weeks now.

Rotundo says that because there is so much confusion with regards to the proposed rules for the Charlotte’s Web law, because the FMCA challenged the proposed state regulations for medicinal marijuana, which unfortunately delayed the Charlotte’s Web law from being implemented. Rotundo says that he feels some physicians will opt to wait and see what the rules are going to be before deciding whether or not to follow down this grassy path. 

Chris Moya, doesnt share the same sentiment, instead he says that, “The apathetic numbers indicate the demand is not out there amongst physicians and families. A good example of patient demand not being what many claimed it was during session.”

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  1. Bill Monroe says

    Who is Chris Moyà?? I follow cannabis stories everyday as admin for Florida for Medicinal Marijuana, and this is the first I have heard that the course was ready. Demand? Well once DOH gets their act together and approves a cultivation plan there will be supply and demand. I would buy CBD oil for the medicinal aspects as long as the price was in line with hemp oil prices.


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