85 Percent of Americans and 40 Percent of The States Support Medical Marijuana Across The U.S.

Sliding across home plate… in a cloud of patriotic red, white, and blue dust…New Hampshire can proudly celebrate their joining the club of medical marijuana statesstretched across this great country. In true American spirit, they are standing shoulder to shoulder with the other 19 states, which have opted to break free from the federal grip of tyranny – by creating marijuana laws that work for their constituents.

Now, with 20 states (19 + DC) drawing a line in the 10th amendment sand of federalism, 40% of the states which bind this great nation together, find themselves living in a state of curious fear, afraid of their own government. Hell, even the ordinarily dependable right wing lapdog, Fox News, was caught recently reporting that 85% of Americans support the use of medicinal marijuana. That type of welcome Bizarro world  news has many sitting on the sidelines… waiting anxiously to see how the fed’s will react regarding the growing  acceptance of medical marijuana.

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