Medical Marijuana Sparks Hot Debate In Louisiana

LOUISIANA:  Will Louisiana join 20 other states that have approved medicinal use of marijuana? Actually Louisiana already did that more than 20 years ago, but did not allow it to be dispensed to patients.

That could change this year when the legislature meets.

Labs are turning weed into oil and pill form for patients in states that have approved medicinal use of marijuana. But the plant’s active ingredient — THC — has long been available by prescription under the name Marinol. The problem for patients?

“Cost is a big deal,” says, Dr. Jay Marion, an associate professor of medicine at LSU Health Sciences Center.

He says Marinol may cost patients $300 a week. And he says marijuana works much more efficiently in the body the ol’ fashioned way — by smoking it. It’s also cheaper that way, which he says is another good reason to sell it in licensed shops to those with prescriptions.

“If it’s legal for medicinal purposes, then maybe you don’t have people having to buy the drug in a back ally somewhere where maybe they are going to be talking to the wrong person who decides to hold them up,” Dr. Marion says.

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