Medical Marijuana Legislation Continues Through NY Legislature, Waiting To Head To Senate Floor

NEW YORK: The fate of a medical marijuana bill remains up in the air in New York State. The State Assembly has approved a version that would allow patients to obtain the drug for medical treatment, while a similar measure remains hung up in the State Senate.

Advocates cheered as the New York State Assembly approved a medical marijuana bill that would  permit patients to possess small amounts of marijuana to treat approved medical conditions.

The legislation also sets up licensed dispensaries to grow and sell the drug to sick people.

Assemblyman Kevin Cahill, of the Hudson Valley, voted with the majority of Democrats in the chamber, saying the measure would give “law abiding citizens” the chance to access needed medicine.

“This is the group that I’m most concerned with, Mr. Speaker” Cahill said during the debate. “Those people who will not even entertain the notion of the illegal use of marijuana just because it is illegal, not because it is not efficacious, not because it’s not a good idea.”

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