Medical Marijuana Advocates Hoping To Extend Use

FLORIDA: Calling the state’s issuance of five medical marijuana cultivation licenses inadequate, advocates for patients and nurseries are redoubling their efforts to expand the list of ailments that qualify for treatment with low-potency marijuana.

A non-euphoric strain of marijuana popularly known as ‘Charlotte’s Web’ has been found to effectively treat patients suffering from a severe form of epilepsy. Last year, the Florida Legislature legalized the use of the strain by those patients, as well as people diagnosed with cancer.

Cultivation of Charlotte’s Web is regulated by the Florida Department of Health‘s Office of Compassionate Use, which this week awarded licenses to one nursery in each of the state’s five regions. Roughly two dozen nurseries that had applied didn’t make the cut, and some are considering appealing, arguing the state’s scoring system may have been flawed.

Tallahassee’s leading medical marijuana lobbyists are pledging to help facilitate the appeals while they work to convince lawmakers to add 14 new ailments to the two qualifying conditions currently in the medical marijuana law. Ranging from post-traumatic stress disorder to ALS, the added conditions could produce a flood of new medical marijuana patients and a need for more cultivation licenses.

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