Massachusetts Overhauls Rules For Medical Marijuana Outlets

A campaign to place an injunction on, and overturn Washington State’s Senate Bill 5052 has raised over $11,000 from 118 people in just one month.

MASSACHUSETTS: Massachusetts health authorities Friday dramatically overhauled the process for granting licenses for medical marijuana dispensaries, aiming to streamline the system and remove politics.

Regulators from the administration of Governor Charlie Baker said the revamped licensing strips away the subjectivity and secrecy that had tainted the system under former governor Deval Patrick’s tenure. Controversy surrounding the previous system sparked more than two dozen lawsuits, leaving patients without any dispensaries 2½ years after voters approved marijuana for medical use.

“This change creates a more streamlined, efficient, and transparent process that allows the Commonwealth to maintain the highest standards of both public safety and accessibility,” Dr. Monica Bharel, the state’s public health commissioner, said in a statement.

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