Marijuana Legalization Movement Spreading

MISSOURI: People around the country are watching what is going on with Colorado’s legalization of marijuana. That includes people in Missouri.

“I think it’s a good thing,” said Chris Bennett, who supports marijuana’s legalization. “If you regulate something and do it like that.”

Bennett is general manager of the Pursuit of Happiness store in St. Joseph, which Bennett calls a tobacco store. Regardless, there’s no doubt his store caters to a pro-pot clientele. Bennett says it’s people from all walks of life who shop there.

“The people that come in here would shock you,” Bennett said. “People who you would never think would come into a shop like this but do.”

Some of Bennett’s customers think there’s too much of a stigma associated with marijuana.

“It’s just like going home after work and drinking a beer only instead of getting drunk it’s a little bit different,” the customer said, who didn’t want to be identified.

The Missouri Secretary of State’s office reports there are 13 separate petition drives circulating that would lossen up laws on the regulation, production, sale and use of marijuana in Missouri.

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