Marijuana Legalization Measure Gets Go Ahead For Signature Gathering In California

CALIFORNIA: A new voter-driven initiative to legalize recreational marijuana in California has received approval from Secretary of State Debra Bowen to start gathering signatures to get the initiative onto the 2014 ballot.

Supporters of the initiative, called the California Cannabis Hemp Initiative 2014, have until February 24th to collect 504,760 valid signatures in order to get the initiative onto the November 2014 ballot.

The initiative aims to legalize the possession, use, cultivation, and sale of both marijuana and hemp.  Additionally, the initiative would have the Legislature pass new laws licensing and taxing the commercial sale of marijuana and regulating marijuana DUI laws.

The campaign for marijuana legalization in California is being run by a core group of approximately 15 volunteers, backed by a statewide network of over 500 volunteers.

Marijuana legalization failed in California in 2010 with a vote of 53.5% against the measure.  Similar legalization initiatives have been attempted in past years, but none have qualified for the ballot since 2010.


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