Marijuana Legalization In California Races Toward Ballot

CALIFORNIA:  Two initiatives that would fully legalize marijuana were approved for signature gathering (“circulation”), the California Secretary of State’s office announced this week.

A would-be initiative by Americans for Policy Reform, backed by San Jose pot shop operator Dave Hodges, got the green light from the state to start gathering signatures. Also approved was a proposal from the Drug Policy Alliance. A third legalization submission got the thumbs up from the state way back in fall. A new, fourth player, the Cannabis Policy Reform Act of 2014, had yet to be approved for circulation.

However, The Drug Policy Alliance resubmitted its language recently after “slight revisions based on outside input,” the group’s deputy executive director, Stephen Gutwillig, told us.

That would give the group a later deadline to turn in signatures, which would have been due later this month. Gutwillig said he expected the new language to be approved for signature gathering in mid-February.

Likewise, the folks behind the California Cannabis Hemp Initiative 2014, the one that was approved in fall, resubmitted their language late last month.  Co-organizer Berton Duzy told us the idea was to “reset the clock” so that the group would have more time to raise money and gather signatures.

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