Marijuana Legalization by State in the U.S. & More on TakePart Live with Jacob Soboroff

CALIFORNIA: Diane Goldstein of Cops Say Legalize Drugs gives Jacob Soboroff, Cara Santa Maria, Zach Selwyn and Stephen Gutwillig of D.P.A. a law enforcement perspective on marijuana legalization.

To start, the panel looks at a map detailing marijuana legal states and the associated laws:

1.) States with legal medical marijuana
2.) States with decriminalized marijuana possession laws
3.) States with both medical and decriminalization laws
4.) States with legalized marijuana

Find out where your state falls!

Diane Goldstein details all the ways in which legalizing marijuana is ultimately a good thing for law enforcement, and how in the end, marijuana related crimes are much less of an issue to deal with than say, rape or child abuse in this country. Many feel marijuana legalization is long over due, and should just be regulated like alcohol.

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