Marijuana Growers Prepared To Sue Snohomish County

WASHINGTON:  Dozens of aspiring business owners are prepared to sue after Snohomish County Council members voted to ban marijuana growing in certain rural areas, according to a marijuana growers’ advocacy group

Thirty-six growers are prepared to go to court according to Jamie Curtismith, a consultant who represents growers who are impacted by the rule change.

Snohomish County has allowed large producer/processor operations, but after a large number of residents voice concerns, council members enacted a moratorium in October. Now, there is a full-fledged ban in effect for so-called R-5 zones. Those are rural areas where the county typically allows only one house per five acres.

“They just led us down the garden path,” said T.J. Worth, a grower in Arlington. He received a state license but did not get the proper county permits before October. Therefore Worth’s five-acre operation will not be allowed in the eyes of the county despite spending thousands of dollars to launch his business.

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