Marijuana Growers, Kettle Falls Five, May Be Saved By Funding Bill

WASHINGTON:  The complicated bill Congress passed to fund the federal government through 2015 may prove the saving grace of the Stevens County marijuana farmers dubbed the “Kettle Falls Five.

The U.S. attorney prosecuting the case says the five were violating Washington’s medical marijuana laws when drug enforcement agents seized 75 marijuana plants, guns and business records from the family’s property near Colville in August 2012.

But the defendants say federal lawmakers barred prosecutors from pursuing charges against them by signing the bill funding the government. That bill, whichfunded most agencies of the government through September, included a measure saying public money can’t be spent to prevent states from implementing their own laws on medical marijuana.

The five are married couple Rhonda Lee Firestack-Harvey and Larry Harvey; their adult children Rolland Gregg and Michelle Gregg; and family friend Jason Lee Zucker. They all say they had medical cards from doctors to use cannabis for the treatment of different medical conditions.

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