Man Received 130,000 Marijuana Joints From US Government Since 1982

While medical marijuana is still illegal according to federal law, it turns out the government has been providing the medicine to a small group of patients for decades.

60 year old Irvin Rosenfeld is one of only four patients left in the federal program, which was closed off to new applicants in 1992.

The Compassionate Investigational New Drug program provides him with 300 joints a month to treat his rare bone disorder.

Rosenfeld told WLKY News he has smoked more than 130,000 of the government-issued joints since 1982 – and he says it’s saved his life.

“I’m living proof of how well cannabis works as a medicine.”

Rosenfeld appeared in front of Kentucky lawmakers this week as a part of the state’s push to legalize medical marijuana.

Watch Irvin Rosenfeld’s compelling video here:

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