Lobby Days In Olympia

By Tawnee Cowan

WASHINGTON:  As the whole world watches Washington State pioneer the future of recreational marijuana laws and at the same time protect the medical cannabis laws already in existence, we return to Olympia today to continue what we have started.

This morning the Committee held one more public hearing on HB 2149. At 8am hearing rooms started filling and five minutes later the staff started directing us to the overflow room. Over 80 individuals signed up to speak, less than 30 were granted that freedom.

As soon as the hearing cleared, the true activism began. Everyone began rushing off to meetings, to hopefully have one more chance to help educate the lawmakers on the needs. As individuals came to have their image taken, there was such a sense of empowerment knowing they were actively being part of the solution.

Though everyone has a different path that led them to Olympia today, their mission was all the same. End Prohibition. Protect Patients Rights.

Here are a few of their individual thoughts:


“The Ric Smith Memorial Bill is a long time in the making and something I have put my heart and soul into. It is so rewarding to see all of our hard work pay off with the birth of this bill. ” — Kari Boiter
 “Unity is so very important, we need to find common ground.” — Troy Stevens
 “Miracles are happening” –Dawn Brady
“As we moved into the above ground commercialization of cannabis, preserving the rights and access for cannabis patients is paramount. I believe HB2233 introduced on Monday will do just that. ” — Ah Warner
 “Please don’t use the same governmental body to regulate my medicine that you use to regulate recreational substances. Cannabis has medicinal uses, alcohol does not. Let the LCB stick to the recreational substances and leave medicine alone.”  — Dave
“We are so happy to see patients engaged with their Legislature and we are even more excited to see the Legislature engaged with the public.” — Bailey

 “I want to open a collective garden called “Elements of Sunshine so I can spread love. Through freeing our minds, our bodies will follow.” — Andrea
” Cannabis cures cancer” — Dawn Darington
 “I am here to hold the politicians to their promises” — Harrison
“Cannabis is an 11.3 trillion dollar industry when we combine hemp and recreational and medical, so we are here to talk about having those three things very distinct.” — Chris Kelly
“Today is my birthday, 1 year tumor free. I can take canna oil for my seizures, and leave my prescription drugs in my filing cabinet.”


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