Legal Marijuana Touching The Idaho Border

"We decided it was more important to do it right than to do it fast," Stephen Gutwillig, the Drug Policy Alliance's deputy executive director, said Tuesday. "We ultimately came quite close but just decided we didn't have enough of the pieces in place right now."

IDAHO:  With the recent legalization of marijuana in neighboring states, the impact is being felt in Idaho.

Drug Recognition Expert Sergeant Winas, explained that, “the biggest thing is somebody that goes to one of these where its(marijuana) is legal , they buy it, they smoke it or whatever and then they come back to our state and they wonder why they’re getting in trouble for it, we’ll it’s because it’s still illegal in this state.”

Sergeant Winas’ job is to help police officers who suspect that someone is impaired by a non-alcoholic drug.

“We run a person through a twelve step process; we try to determine what category of drugs that person is under the influence of. There’s a whole battery of tests that we go through to determine the individual’s impairment,” Winas said.

According to Sergeant Winas, Marijuana can be a hazardous substance for motorists.

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