Legal Marijuana, Drug-Free Workplaces On Collision Course

While the U.S. is only now starting to explore modern medical uses of marijuana, for centuries, women around the world have harnessed the magical green leaves.

COLORADO:  Marijuana legalization is on a collision course with employers wanting drug-free workplaces, say two attorneys on the front lines of the new legal battlefield.

Legalization of pot also is the enemy of employers seeking to maintain high quality, low absenteeism and steady healthcare costs, says an addiction counselor.

Increased marijuana use is producing more Americans unfit for work and unable to lead productive lives as the head of healthy families, says counselor Richard Taite. In 2003, Taite, who is a recovered addict, founded Cliffside Malibu, an upscale addiction rehabilitation center located on the shores of the Pacific Ocean.

In the face of increased marijuana use, both Taite and Colorado attorney Danielle Urban agree business leaders have the right to protect themselves and hold their ground on drug-free workplaces. Urban works for Fisher & Phillips Attorneys at Law in Denver and has been involved in workplace issues across the country.

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  1. Michael Knox says

    all this about a drug free work place what about the person that is hung over or need a drink to get rid of there shakes I am more worried about the person that is a drunk they some one that may have got high on there own time more people drink then smoke ,lets talk about that lets make a test that can say your high right now

    • the dude says

      there is a test to see is someone is high, look at their eyes, and eye lids lol, if they are red n a lil puffy, yeah that person is high lol

      • puff13puffpass says

        My eyes are red and puffy when I stay out all night drinking. BOOM there goes your STUPID THEORY

  2. Dustin says

    THC should be taken off drug tests in colorado and washington and other states that are legalizing it, its just as legal as drinking now, the BS im having a problem with is, its ok to drink on the weekends or your time off, but its not ok to smoke marijuana on your time off. i hate drinking, and i dont, im a smoker, and thats keeps me from keeping or getting a job? how is that fair? MARIJUANA IS LEGAL! why should i be shuned because i dont drink? why do drunks/alcoholics get to keep their jobs? yeah go into work hungover, maybe still drunk, crash into something, hurt someone, ect, but pot is bad……..

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