Legal action pending over marijuana dispensary raid

CANADA:  Now that a drug trafficking charge against him has been dropped, the former operator of a Langley City medical marijuana dispensary is planning to sue the people he says slandered his reputation.

“If they think this was funny and I’m going to roll over and ignore it, they’re in for a surprise,” says Randy Caine, whose Langley Medical Marijuana dispensary closed following a July 2011 raid by RCMP.

The charge against Caine, one count of possession of marijuana for the purpose of trafficking, was dropped during a June 3, 2013 court appearance.

Under a plea bargain with the federal prosecutor in the case, Caine pleaded guilty to less serious violations of exceeding the amount of marijuana he was allowed under his Health Canada licence and of storing it improperly on the dispensary premises.

The deal granted Caine an absolute discharge on both counts.

Under Canadian law, an absolute discharge is not considered a conviction.

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