Lawsuit To Establish Marijuana Extracts Law In Arizona

ARIZONA: Arizona dispensaries will be able to sell medical marijuana extracts and edibles without fear of legal consequences if a lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) proves successful.

A favorable court decision would be a huge victory for Arizona’s medical marijuana industry. It would allow medical marijuana dispensaries to legally offer more diverse types of medical marijuana products, such as oils and edibles.

The suit was filed by the ACLU in an attempt to protect the parents of a five year old boy with severe epilepsy from criminal prosecution for supplying their child with marijuana-derived oil. The suit requests the court to officially rule that marijuana extracts are covered under Arizona’s medical marijuana law.

“When Arizona’s voters said yes to legalizing medical marijuana in 2010, they intended for sick people to have access to this medication in forms like extracts, which are easier to ingest and can be more accurately dosed than simple plant material,” it says in the suit. The lawsuit also notes that the marijuana extraction process “allows producers to isolate the most medicinally valuable constituents of the plan and provide them to patients in a form that can be taken in precise doses and has no psychoactive effect.”

A large majority of revenues at dispensaries in other medical marijuana states come from marijuana extracts and concentrates, such as edibles, hash, kief, and oils. Denver Relief dispensary of Colorado has mentioned that 50% of its sales are from edibles, extracts and concentrates; whereas 2 years ago they made up just 10% of sales.

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