L.A. City Attorney Mike Feuer Takes On Marijuana With Compassion

CALIFORNIA:  Former City Attorney Carmen Trutanich, who once held the opinion that no dispensary in Los Angeles was truly legal, was reviled by the local medical marijuana community.

His predecessor, Democrat Mike Feuer, took Trutanich’s job, in at least some small part, because voters were fed up with the onetime Republican’s anti-dispensary crusades.

So what have we here? A City Attorney who is now tasked with closing hundreds of illegal dispensaries even while he leads a crackdown on the increased phenomenon of stoned driving. Is Feuer treading lightly? Not necessarily. We recently asked him about it:

To be fair, Feuer’s job was made easier by the voters, who last year passed Prop. D, an initiative that mandates the closure of roughly 90 percent of the marijuana dispensaries in town. Trutanich didn’t have such a guideline.

Feuer told us he’s been cracking down at a steady pace, with nearly 80 shops now targeted for civil or criminal action.

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