Keep The Marijuana In The Trunk, Colorado Law Enforcers Say

COLORADO:  When it comes to a new Colorado law that covers having marijuana in vehicles, lawyers and law enforcement officers have some advice: Don’t try to decipher it. Just keep the weed in the trunk.

The new law, SB-283, goes into effect Wednesday when recreational marijuana becomes legal, but some of those charged with enforcing the law or representing those who might break it, have yet to unravel its fine points and, for now, are recommending the trunk as the easiest way to avoid problems.

“It’s not a functional ordinance. It’s got some problems,” said Christian Sederberg, a Denver attorney who has served as co-chair of the Consumer Safety and Social Issues working group of the Amendment 64 Implementation Task Force.

The law was put together during the last legislative session after Amendment 64 passed, making recreational marijuana legal in Colorado. It was modeled on the open container laws governing alcohol in vehicles.

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