In Michigan, Confusion On Decriminalization Of Marijuana Vote

MICHIGAN: Is arresting someone who has one ounce of marijuana worth police officers’ time?

People in in Lansing and Jackson will vote on whether to decriminalize pot, Tuesday. But even if it passes, will it really change how police do things?

Even Lansing’s mayor Virg Bernero doesn’t know yet what it will exactly change.

“I’m talking to the city attorney. Right now I don’t know what happens when we take away one aspect if we’re talking about three levels of law,” said Bernero.

Under the ballots wording, possession of the drug under one ounce would be considered legal, as long as it’s on private property. But Lansing P.D. might not have to abide by it if passed.

“Our local police officers are sworn to serve state law as well. I’m not in a position to order lansing police to not enforce state law, and I wouldn’t do that,” said Bernero.

But without knowing the extent the decriminalization would be if passed, Bernero is still supportive of the legalization of small amounts of Marijuana.


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