Illinois Medical Marijuana Registration Begins Today

ILLINOIS:  If you live in the state of Illinois, have one of the state’s recognized qualifying conditions, and have a last name that begins with a letter that falls between A and L, then Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014, is the first day you can register with the state for the new Illinois medical marijuana program.

If your last name begins with a letter that falls between M-Z, you will have to wait until November 1st to begin the registration process. By then, the application process will likely have been demystified and adjusted for the issues that will happen during the early stages of rollout, making the longer wait perhaps worthwhile for those whose surnames fall in the latter half of the alphabet.

If you live in the state and are wondering if you qualify, you will need to have a doctor willing to certify that you have qualifying condition that may respond well to medical marijuana.


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