I-Team Investigates The Cost Of Marijuana Searches in Ohio

OHIO: Ohio’s Marijuana Eradication Program removed 20,747 pot plants from farm fields this year.

It was down from a record high of 84,660 in 2010.

The drop is attributed to a combination of increased enforcement and the movement of some grow operations indoors. 

Scott Duff, Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation Special Agent Supervisor, said their efforts are having an impact.

“Now it is in small patches spread out,” Duff said.

As Duff spoke, sheriff deputies and BCI agents moved through a corn field northwest of Greenville.

The contrast between the brown corn stalks and the bright green marijuana plants made detection easy from above. A helicopter carrying a BCI agent hovered over the field, allowing the agent to direct deputies to the pot plants.

Read full article @ Springfield News Sun

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