Gov. Jay Nixon Commutes Sentence For Man Serving Life For Marijuana Crimes

Jeff Mizanskey walked out of a Missouri prison a free man on Tuesday, after spending two decades behind bars for marijuana related charges.

MISSOURI:  A Missouri man sentenced to life without parole for marijuana-related offenses is eligible for parole Friday after Gov. Jay Nixon commuted his sentence.

Nixon’s action means 62-year-old Jeff Mizanskey will be eligible for parole immediately. Mizanskey has served more than two decades in prison after being sentenced and convicted as a persistent drug offender under Missouri law that’s since been changed.

His son, 37-year-old Chris Mizanskey, said he was in awe at the news and planned to go see his father in the morning.

“It’s amazing,” Mizanskey said. “To be able to talk to him, to be able to sit here and have a conversation with him. To have my son sit on his lap, for him to be a part of his grandkid’s life, our lives, my whole family. I mean really words can’t even describe it.”

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  1. Nancy Zeeb says

    congratulations!!! Travesty of justice that a Nixon can actually rectify! Kudos to all. I can tell you there is nothing better than freedom and family. God bless.

  2. Bob Rhodes says

    That’s so cool & it should be done in every state! Americans shouldn’t be rotting behind bars for pot!!!

  3. garrett says

    Congrats man i dont think u should have got a damn min..but if u dont mind me askin how dam much did u get cought with? 20 years is a long damn time hope all goes well i hope uake the best of ur days blazin…god bless

  4. Aubrey says

    It is obscene to jail someone for a minute for any amount of this wonderful symbiotic plant Cannabis prohibition is genocidal because it cures cancer and other illnesses if used correctly.

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