Fresno County Issues $477K In Marijuana Fines

CALIFORNIA:  Fresno County officials issued $477,000 in fines after denying appeals by residents accused of illegally growing medical marijuana on private property.

The Fresno Bee reports one man, Gabino Zambrano, was fined $95,000 on Tuesday because a renter was growing 95 plants on his property. Zambrano said he didn’t know the renter was growing pot. The renter was also fined $95,000.

Another property owner, Ana Maria Morales, was fined $6,700 because her father planted marijuana on her land. She claimed she had no knowledge of the plants. The father, Luciano Morales, will pay more than $60,000 in fines.

Officials say under the county’s ordinance, medical marijuana is a danger to public health and safety. There are about a dozen lawsuits filed against the county for carrying out the ordinance, which has been enforced for 13 months.

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