Forfeiture laws aimed at stopping drug operations

MICHIGAN: A Mt. Pleasant man facing multiple drug charges could lose the property that he is accused of using to sell marijuana.

Donald T. Inman, his wife Ruth Inman and his son Dennis Huber are accused of selling marijuana at 311 W. Michigan St. in downtown Mt. Pleasant. In addition, they are targets of a civil forfeiture case.

Like all suspects involved in major drug busts, the Inmans are involved in the civil action that could cost them their real estate and any other possessions that can be linked to an alleged drug operation.

 Huber and his father, both licensed patients and caregivers under the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act, are accused of growing and distributing amounts of the drug exceeding allowable limits.
 Forfeiture action against the Inmans, with Ruth being listed as the owner of the business, are pending.

In Michigan, drug forfeiture laws are modeled after federal laws, Isabella County Chief Assistant Prosecutor Robert Holmes said.

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