Florida Medical-Marijuana Applicants Foresee Stores, Door-To-Door Service

“We’re really strong financially," Hank said.  "We’ve received or have pledged to us more than $500,000.”

FLORIDA: Eight companies vying to become the first in Central Florida to produce medical marijuana are proposing a wide range of retail options, from one central dispensary with delivery services to more than a dozen retail stores.

The Florida Department of Health is reviewing applications to decide which one will be licensed for the Central Florida market. That region encompasses 18 counties and runs from Stuart to Daytona Beach on the Atlantic coast, through Metro Orlando to St. Petersburg to Inverness on the Gulf Coast.

The winning company will get the Central Florida franchise to produce medicines derived from cannabis that have shown promise treating people with epilepsy and other neurological disorders.

State officials have indicated they hope to award Florida’s five regional licenses later this year, and some applicants say they can have product available for sale within a couple of months of getting the license.


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    I am a retired Veteran of both Viet Nam and the Persian Gulf War. Along with serving and as a LEO with 25 years to my credit. I suffer from PTSD. THE ONLY medication that helps me preform normally is Cannabis. All VA is allowed to prescribe is pills that only solve only some of the conditions associated with PTSD. PLEASE change the Federal law that prohibits Cannabis use so that I can have some quality of life in my older years. The first time I tried it was on my 70th. birthday.

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