Election 2013: Marijuana Advocates Predict Success For 'Legalization' Proposals In 3 Michigan Cities

MICHIGAN: Voters in three separate Michigan communities will decide Tuesday whether local police should arrest recreational marijuana users.

Ballot proposals in LansingJackson and Ferndale would legalize the use or possession of up to an ounce of marijuana on private property by anyone 21 years or older.

Organizers are predicting success in all three cities and hope ballot box victories will spur state lawmakers to act on bipartisan legislation that would decriminalize marijuana in Michigan, where small-time possession remains illegal under state law.

“This is going to send a message to the Legislature that people really want change,” said Tim Beck of Detroit, who spearheaded Michigan’s 2008 medical marijuana ballot proposal before guiding legalization and decriminalization initiatives in several cities. “The best poll you’re ever going to find is an election. You cannot question the result.”

Voters in Detroit, Grand Rapids, Flint

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