Denver International Airport Formalizes Policy Banning Marijuana And Sets Fines for possession

COLORADO:  Denver International Airport held a public hearing Wednesday to formalize its policy banning marijuana and set fines for possession.

Warning signs were installed at airport entrances earlier this month, notifying passengers that marijuana was banned across the entire airport property, despite the new state law legalizing recreational use and possession by adults age 21 and older.

Under the new policy, the fine for a first offense is up to $150.

A worker or visitor who is ticketed for a second offense will face a fine of up to $500. A third offense and any offense after that will incur a fine up to $999.

One medical marijuana patient told 7NEWS she is concerned about how the airport will handle patients.

“I don’t take medication with me when I’m flying internationally, but when I fly to states that it’s legal in, I want my medication,” said Deborah Palm-Egley. “It shouldn’t be an issue. If you have a card, it shouldn’t be an issue.”


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