Nutter Lashes Out At City Council Plan To Decriminalize Marijuana

PENNSYLVANIA:   Mayor Nutter is angrily criticizing City Council’s effort to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana, saying the city has far more serious issues that need attention.

City Council approved the pot decriminalization bill in June, just before adjourning for the summer, and that gives Mayor Nutter until September 11th to decide whether he’ll sign the measure or veto it.

Nutter says more study is needed and he has not yet made a decision, but he lashed out this morning at Council’s focus on the issue.

“People in this city … come up to me all the time asking about jobs, asking about housing, or asking about their children’s education, or can we provide more services.  No one has come up to me asking, ‘Can you make it easier for me to stand on a street corner in front of some grandma’s house and smoke my joint?’  So let’s be realistic here.”


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