Marijuana Decriminalization Petition 47 Signatures Short, Election Commissioner Certifies

While the cultivation, sale and possession of marijuana might be legal on a Native American Reservation, South Dakota law still bans it off reservation and for non-Natives.

KANSAS:  A petition to let voters decide whether to decriminalize marijuana has fallen 47 signatures short of forcing its way onto the Wichita city ballot, the county’s election chief certified Friday.

Backers of the petition plan to challenge that count, saying some legitimate voters appeared to have improperly excluded over registration and timing technicalities.

There also was a mathematical error that had to be corrected in the official certification document.

Sedgwick County Election Commissioner Tabitha Lehman’s initial report to the city clerk said “The petition pages contain the signatures of 2,887 qualified electors of the City of Wichita, 47 short of the required 2,928.”



Read full article @ The Wichita Eagle

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