DC Council Looks Into Emergency Funds To Snub Congress And Implement Marijuana Regulation

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA:  The D.C. City Council is continuing to snub Congress by exploring ways to use emergency reserve funds to implement a regulatory framework for marijuana.

According to councilmembers, the city may be able to tap in emergency reserve funds to get around the prohibition set in place by Congress which states that the city cannot spend Fiscal Year 2015 funds “to enact any law, rule, or regulation to legalize or otherwise reduce penalties associated with [marijuana’s] possession, use, or distribution,” Marijuana.com reports.

The requirement, then, surrounds whether councilmembers can convincingly argue that marijuana legalization—without any accompanying regulation or taxation—constitutes a threat to “public safety or health.”

Since no dispensaries are currently permitted, there is no way for users to legally purchase the drug. This means that users find themselves looking into the black market for untested, unregulated cannabis, which is often controlled by dangerous cartels.

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